Meet Aliz, A New Girl in town, represented by Viva-Paris.

Veste Courrèges, Pull Missoni, Pantalon Karine Lecchi.


Where do you come from? 
I’m from Tatárszentgyörgy, a small village 1,5 hours away from Budapest.


How old are you?
15 years old. I’m going to turn 16 next month, 9th of December.


How were you discovered? 
I was on a 1-day school trip with my classmates last year and we went to Budapest, where I accidentally met the photographer & scout of the agency (Highlight Models) in a shopping centre. The next day Michaela, my Hungarian agent called my mother and invited us for a meeting.


Already thought of becoming model before? 
No, I never thought of it. I was always taller and thinner than anybody else, and the remarks I used to get for this in my hometown were not good at all. People – in the countryside- usually made fun of me, and called me names like ladder, stork, etc. before I started modelling. It’s amazing how modelling has changed my life already!
Chemise et brassière Ellery.


Did you quit school? If not, how are you dealing with the situation?
I recently had to change school because the previous one did not support any type of activities out of school (including sports and art), and even my own classmates were bullying me for the very little modelling I did in school holidays. Now I feel a lot better, and I’m also planning to be a full-time model in the coming years.


We understood Paris was you first trip outside of Hungary?
Yes, it was! :)


In Hungary, are you more an Urban or Country side Person?
Although I’m from a small town, I very much prefer larger cities for their diversities so I’d say Urban Person.
Body Courrèges, Robe Mulberry, jacket Vuitton.


What is your favorite part of this trip so far? What is your favorite part of Paris?
My favourite part was visiting the Eiffel tower and the wonderful view from the top in the evening.


What destination would you like it to be next?
I’d love to come back to Paris :)


Already some ideas of Photographers and designers you would like to work with? 
I’m happy to work with everybody, all shootings and shows are fun!
Veste Karine Lecchi, Body Courrèges, Short Joseph.


Model are known to take are of their body, do you exercise? if yes, what sport do you practice? 
I’m trying to pay attention to eat healthily. Since school and travelling to Budapest every single day takes up all my time at the moment, I can only do exercises at home.


Your favorite food?


And if we say… Burgers or Pizza? 
Pizza, of course:)
Pantalon Joseph, Top Courrèges, Chemise Karine Lecchi.


Brassière Ellery, Veste Joseph, Pantalon Vuitton.


Chemise Vuitton, Veste Karine Lecchi, Pull Missoni, Collant Stylist own.


Photographie: Alex Brunet c/o DCA Management
Stylisme: Mathias Tichadou
Model: Aliz c/o Viva-Paris


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