Paz de la Huerta est de ces icones qui véhiculent le feu et la glace. Une appartion dans un film et il bascule dans un univers trendy pointu. Elle ne choisit rien au hasard, ne fait rien au hasard. Elle est à Hollywood mais n’est pas le casting interchangeable du prochain blockbuster. Sex symbol, sans conteste, sweet and fragile difficile à croire à première vue. On l’imagine plus hurlant dans un micro ou dans la rue, qu’en petite fille fragile et pourtant. Elle écrit, se recharge d’energie près de l’océan, hors de toute promo, elle se dévoile, nous raconte sa Paz.



Body Balmain c/o Albright LA

For the few that do not know you, where are you born, and where do you come from?

I was born in New York City September 3rd 1984. I come from all around the world I was raised between NYC and my father’s cattle ranch in Spain. I lived a lot on Europe too. My family had a home in Biarritz.

Glamour, Sensuality, Sexy? What could be your de nition of these 3 words, and which could de ne you?
I love all 3, I don’t know I’m more shy than people imagine, I’ve always been very innocent, I don’t know why I was casted in so many sexual roles … Perhaps, I love pleasure like anyone else. I was also a very different person. Not that I don’t love pleasure but I am no longer self destructive. I believe I had a hard time saying no.


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Do you realize, how do you do to hypnotized others?
No I don’t.

Sex Symbol? A natural gift , or an every day trouble?
That’s very kind. I’m in my 30s now and my sexual appetite is more than ever I attribute that to wanting a child I’ve always wanted to be a mother.

Choke, inspired from Chuck Palahniuk’s novel, Enter the Void by Gaspar Noé, Limits of control by Jim Jarmusch, appearance in Abel Ferrara, your career choices are never simple or easy, how so?
I work best with authors we have chosen one another, I don’t really feel I’m an actress for hire. It’s always collaboration. And Gaspar Noe and Jim Jarmusch both cast me in their films based on my performances in my own films. I’ve been directing films since I’m 17 … I’m editing them all into one film I’ve been working on for 12 plus years called La Valle de Lagrimas … Much like my approach to everything it’s unveiled itself to me and I have one more scene to shoot. I know where it is going to be shot, I finally found my ending. I’m hoping I can finish it soon … As far as my work with these directors you’ve mentioned besides the one that did Choke they’re all people I have been quite close to … Gaspar and Jim both remain good friends.



Robe Saint Laurent par Hedi Slimane & Ceinture Alaïa c/o Albright L.A

I’m not really interested, I’m just getting ready to go back to work. This script fell into my lap and it’s a journey I’m already taking I’ve already been taking. I find most actors incredibly annoying. I don’t really like to consider myself an actress though a friend said to me once you’re what an actress should be. I don’t really have the hunger for it that I used to I mean if the right role and project come my way, yes, otherwise I’m very happy behind the lens or behind a canvas.

You are in 3 to 4 movies production per year, what do you do when you don’t turn movies?
I had some health problems as of late I was in a terrible accident almost 5 years ago it changed my life in many ways for the better but was anything but an easy thing to overcome I’ve had many surgeries I had to have my tailbone removed then get off pain killers I couldn’t work as much as I used to though I had to work and I did in between surgeries. I don’t wish what I’ve been through on anyone, yet I also know I wouldn’t be who I am now had I not survived overcome and healed myself from this accident and the repercussions that came from it. I also died when I was hit by that truck and I felt my innate and it gave me the drive to live not just live but live love in a healthy pain free body and I’ve a ained that. So I’m very proud of that.


Body Balmain c/o Albright LA

You started at 13, then at 14 you are in front of Michael Cane and Charlize Theron, It all seems so easy, natural, but usually it never is, how did you start? How did you get ready so young?
It was an accident, it was natural and it was my ticket to freedom a way out of a really destructive household. I was stopped on the street in TriBeCa when I was 12 Luminous Motion was my first film by Bette Gordon then I was stopped on the street in TriBeCa at age 13 by Billy Hopkins an incredible casting director who had enough intuition to get past my punk clothes bleach blond hair leopard print from head to toe my mask and experience the very lost sad girl underneath it all that felt very much like an orphan and he cast me as just that in The Cider House Rules as Mary Agnes who was just that an orphan and I had to wear a wig and transmuted everything through her in retrospect I was very much the same girl but now in the 40s … He understood that … And so did Lasse Halstrom whom would whisper to me my direction and I liked that very much.

Cinema has always been an obvious path for you?
Not really I’m a painter rst and foremost and a director so yes cinema as a whole it incorporates everything but I believe I’ll move more towards directing and acting in my own lms.

Is the movie industry, after all your experiences, still seems the right choice for you?
It has to feel so right. Like I said I work best with authors… I have to want to take the journey or somehow already be taking it I live out the roles. I don’t like the business though I love many people in it. I feel as of late I’m rediscovering my passion for being in front of the camera and that it is really being of service which is all that matters to me … That I could evoke compassion emotion in someone else and hopefully help them experience some healing or joy whatever… Film can really help people, when I was sick I watched many lms it saved my life, painting too. I could paint so that has remained consistent I hope to have my first show soon.



Robe Saint Laurent par Hedi Slimane & Ceinture Alaïa c/o Albright L.A

You are already involved on such projects, what are the next steps? What excite you in these industries?
I feel I’ve covered a lot of that. I am working on a second book . But it’s more of a memoir, which is not an easy feat I hope that some of the things I’ve overcome can inspire people to do the same.

Your favorites Books? And on a desert island the book you would take with you?
Laughter in the dark. The Holy Bible.

Your favorites music, music style? And the only album you would take with you.
Jimi Hendrix …

Is there some movies you wish you could have played in?
Some old films I know I could’ve played in but I wouldn’t trade the actresses in it for nothing I want to find my Cassavetes. Possession, Adele H, Cet obscur objet du désir, I want to do an homage to Maria Schneider… The three most perfect films for me with the two best leading men. Last tango in ParisThe Passenger then there’s Cet obscur objet du désir. Her famous quote ”it took two women to replace me”… It’s a perfect film though I’d change nothing of it … Halas. I love Isabelle Adjani and Gena Rowland’s.


Body Balmain c/o Albright LA

Living or dead who would you have loved to meet?


You often talk or seem to act as self-destructed?
I used to be that changed almost 5 years ago.

How do you feel now in life?

We exchange for this production, you have a quiet, looking for natural healing, good vibes, is it a new Paz? or an Unknown Paz?
I guess I’m always being reborn so a new Paz.

What haven’t you done yet?
So much.

You are more than just an actress, as an artist, what medium do you like and why? Which one do you prefer?
All, all for me feed one another, my painting feeds my acting, modeling feeds my acting life I love to live, I’m a romantic, I’d like to be a mother some day that for me is the ultimate creation.

You might be one of the sexiest actress of your generation, but behind your beauty, we feel a full ball of energy? Boiling creativity?
I thank you for that. I always have to create I’ve started making music just being singing in the car. Tout …

You chose to live with a snake on your legs, how come?

Kundalini yoga has saved my life a few times many times and the cobra is the only creature that can stand on energy alone. I did it when I was 24, I may not have a snake on my leg now, but I have no regrets it’s there, he’s my friend.




Some people are transparent in a way. You, on your side, you never leave nobody without strong feelings, love or hate, it seems there is no grey in the reactions on your passage, and from what you said, since college… what do you think?

I didn’t go to college and I didn’t have many friends in high school but those that love me, love me and their love I wouldn’t trade for a handful of people’s love. I’m blessed I have real love in my life.

What about Passion?
I’m totally in love.

Is there a quiet and peaceful Paz? and if yes, when she’s coming what do you tell her?
No ones going to hurt you now baby, you’re safe, you’re loved.

I’m obsessed with my hair but that may be a Spanish thing.


What revolts you?

What can we wish you?

Is there a question you’ve never been asked? And what would be the your answer?
Where do you feel most inspired: the ocean.



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